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19 Aug

Arriving home I realized what a paradise and untouched place Europe is.  What small bubble we live in.  Apparently not really aware of war and clashes at our doorstep on the other side of the sea. We sit back and relax, forgetting war and famine. Why is it that people don’t realize what surplus of wealth they live in? How come we only realize how much something means to us when it’s gone? On the other hand, what are we supposed to do? Go into war as many brave soldiers have done and will do for the rest of time. Or are we content while watching a country or even the world destroy itself on our TVs and smartphones. Being on the “lucky side ” I’ve always wondered what it is like to fear for life, fight for something or someone you believe in. I wish sometimes I would know what it is like, just to be able to appreciate the “better life” more. Then again, isn’t it ironic if I say the grass is greener on the other side. Clearly it’s greener on our side still I want to experience war. In all it’s ugliness and hate. Dirty, filthy and unfair.  Something in me itches for it. Aching the lack of knowledge…



19 Jul

Off to southern France it is. Starting tomorrow my journey first through Germany and then continuing to Nice. What a beautiful place. A gem on the Mediterranean Seaside. A place full of life and happiness. I guess I’ll see how it is there and I will tell.
Hopefully only nice things

Drone wars and Computerwarfare

21 Jun

Next-Gen Technology allows countries like for example the U.S. to build and arm a massive arsenal of drones and computer-controlled warfare. The giant armies of soldiers, the trenches dug in World War 1, the dogfights of the Second World War and the Search-and-Destroy Missions of the Vietnam War belong to the past. Nowadays a single person sitting in a room safe in the middle of the U.S. can wipe out an entire village just by pressing one button. Troops aren’t at risk anymore. War is defined more and more by “clinical operations” targeting single persons and not armies or other countries. Nobody fights a war against another nation for land or territory but groups of armed militia are being extinguished in what is called the “War against Terrorism”. But is it not the peak of human indignity to be shot down by a robot cruising at over 800 feet above you. The most reasonable answer would be that it wouldn’t be more dignified if a soldier sneaks up on one and shoots thirty bullets into a long dead enemy soldier. War is ugly and disgusting, yet it still remains, just like prostitution, one of the oldest “habits” of the human race. But war is becoming less and less a human endeavor, technology is solving problems and mistakes. We, as humans are very prone to mistakes. Yet an Unmanned Combat Aerial System (UCAS) can’t miss because it had to scratch dust out of its eyes.

A drone has no emotions. It can kill a crowd of 500 civilians just as easily as a group of terrorists. It is reliable yet sometimes errors happen. For example a drone could locate a sniper hiding in a jungle in a radius bigger than 9 football fields in less than 2 seconds by registering where the flash of the gun came from, respond accordingly and take out the sniper. Yet if a firework is tossed in the middle of a crowd of civilians a drone might register all civilians as targets. It does not have the experience and human knowledge to know that there would never be 20 snipers standing in a crowd. So in less than 2 seconds everybody is dead. No pilot sitting in Nevada in front of a screen could have reacted fast enough to figure out that the drone made an error.

And how can a government guarantee it won’t use UCAS against civilians in a peaceful demonstration?
How can we live in a world where someones murder halfway around the globe is perceived as a video game kill?

July 15 airpower summary: Reaper provides topcover

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12 Jun

It is hard watching the world fall apart piece by piece and not being able to do anything about it.  Making a difference.  Seems easy written down but once you realize what comes before making a difference, all the sacrifice you turn back and say weakly: “at least I tried”. But you never did. You THOUGHT  about trying but no more.  We need fighters in this world. People ready to do what it takes!  Not people thinking they tried. When it comes to war, everybody suddenly seems to only think: “hey cool wanna shoot ’em up??” It is truly sad how little the troops and armed forces of this whole world are respected for what they do. They fight for a cause.  One they believe in and try to show us that very cause. The difference it will provoke and make.  Yet we forget.  We forget what they do and why they do it.  And then we are ignorant. But we must not believe in this cause others fight for, not even support it. All we have to do is respect it. Respect others. Everybody has a reason, don’t forget that.

At the very end of Russia

4 Jun

Dagestan – a small spot on our maps. Barely noticeable yet the cause of suffering for many people. For years civil war has torn this part-country apart. In the capital Makhachkala one might believe they are in a peaceful (although quite dirty) town. It seems so distant, so unaware and unnoticed . Just when the terror that envelops this small region reaches outside of it’s own borders the world jumps up and notices. When the world realized the suspect of the Boston-Marathon Bombings came from Makhachkala journalists and news agencies from all over suddenly appeared at the parent’s doorstep demanding an explanation. But let’s get back to the civil war because I find it not quite right to write about how the parents of a bomb suspect get harassed by our media. So is it right for us to suddenly make a small region so important just because something happened to us that was distantly related to this region?

Us and War

29 May

Imagine war was here. Here, there, everywhere. Wherever you live, just imagine your town, your country and your pride being torn apart and crushed to bits and pieces. Would you fight?   Would you join a resistance force? or would you flee? Whichever one you chose, there will always be someone who will criticize you. But what about yourself? Is someone a coward if they chose not to take up arms and flee? There is so much war happening in our world. So many people who have to fear that they will not survive to see another sunrise and we sit here complaining about Burrito-Day being cancelled in the cafeteria. Why is the world such a  cruel place? Cruel towards those who have nothing, who weren’t as lucky as anybody who reads this. We think we can make a difference if we donate some dollars to a random organization but do we? No! We just satisfy ourselves and keep telling our mind: “But what am I supposed to do? Go over there and fight for peace or help?” Yes! That is EXACTLY what we need to do! Doesn’t matter if it is for only 6 months or 15 years. If everybody decides that they will help, the world would be a much more beautiful place for everybody. Yet so many are blind and do not see that they have the power to make a difference…




The Silent Heroes

26 May

Watching a country destroy itself can’t be right. Yet is it therefore justified for countries who actually aren’t really affected by the outcome to intervene and fight a war that is not their own? When the UN punishes a country with sanctions the industrial world becomes the laughing-stock of the sanctioned for they don’t care about what the United Nations and other countries do when it comes to politics and diplomacy. Yet is that a reason for the United Nations to be revoked and are the United Nations therefore obsolete? I don’t think they are completely and utterly useless. UN-Soldiers risk their lives and deserve as much respect as other Armed Services. Yet the UN Jurisdictions prevent them often from stopping a mass genocide or conflicts. They are effective when it comes to world hunger and other problems in Third World countries (especially in Africa) but in war, they don’t receive the respect and fear that for example the Navy SEAL’s bask in. Yes, they’re not Special Forces but shouldn’t they at least be respected for who they are and for trying to make the world a much better place for all of us? I believe it is time for all of us to not only place our pennies at McDonald’s in “Save the Children”-Boxes but to actively help others in this war-torn and famine covered world. We need to respect UN-Soldiers for they are the silent heroes, unknown to many of us.
UN Soldiers

“For only the Dead have seen the End of War”